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Solicitation & Event Requests

How to Submit an Event and What You Need

An approved Solicitation/Event Request is required for all student sponsored events or events which use facilities and/or outdoor spaces coordinated by units in the Division of Student Life. A Solicitation/Event request must be made seven (7) working days in advance of the event or it will not be approved. Notification of the Dean of Student's approval or rejection of the request will be sent to the requestor via email.


  1. Request the space that you want to reserve. More information about room reservations can be found on the Room Reservation Requests page.
  2. Gather your event information before you fill out the Solicitation/Event Request:
    • The Solicitation/Event Request asks for a lot of details including (but not limited to): contact info, advisor contact info, dates, times, the type of event, if anything is being sold (what & how much), if food is involved (what & how much), any requests for supplies from the university (including tables and chairs), and more.
    • Licensing - Anything being sold or given away with any UT logos requires the approval of Licensing (Michael Keener 865-974-1444).
  3. Other forms you may need to complete:
  4. You're ready to start your Solicitation/Event Request!


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